Our technology platform applies physics to create a new class of drug candidates with the potential to treat a range of chronic and acute neurological diseases and conditions. The technology uses novel fluid dynamics, based on Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille (TCP) flow, to generate bioactive therapeutics.

Our lead drug candidate, RNS60, uniquely combines saline and oxygen to produce a drug that has been the subject of over a dozen peer-reviewed scientific publications. RNS60 has been shown to be a promising therapeutic candidate with efficacy in multiple models of neurodegenerative diseases and is now in clinical Phase II testing for ALS and stroke.

Due to the unique requirements of our technology platform, we have designed and built our own precision GMP-qualified and audited facility for aseptic manufacturing.

underlying imbalances

Our proprietary nanotechnology is designed to produce drugs that correct foundational neuronal imbalances that contribute to the progressive nature of many of the neurodegenerative disorders we intend to treat. Below are the fundamental processes our technology addresses:
Mitochondrial dysfunction
Neuronal cell death

Because these imbalances contribute to many different diseases, we believe our technology will have clinical application beyond neurodegenerative disorders.

of our approach

Our drugs are designed to address cellular imbalances linked to mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammation, which contribute to neurodegenerative disorders and conditions at a foundational level.
Potential benefits of our lead current drug candidate, RNS60, include:
  • A return to neurocellular homeostasis
  • Neuroprotection
  • Slowing of neurodegenerative disease progression
  • Enhanced recovery from acute neuronal injury
  • Excellent safety


We are always interested in collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals who can accelerate our path to impacting people living with ALS and the hundreds of thousands who suffer a stroke on an annual basis. If you would like to explore a potential partnering arrangement with Revalesio, please contact us.
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