Rush University Study Demonstrates Neuro-protective and Anti-inflammatory Activity of RNS60

Date: March 6, 2012

Researchers from Rush University and Revalesio Corporation will be presenting two studies related to developing novel treatments for neuro-inflammatory disease at The American Society for Neurochemistry Annual Conference (ASN) March 3-7, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The first presentation demonstrates that Revalesio’s lead product, RNS60, inhibits the production of inflammatory proteins and chemicals in brain cells known as glial cells. The anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective activity of RNS60 is mediated via production of a protein called IkBα, a key regulator of inflammatory activity in brain cells.

The second report demonstrates that RNS60 increases the relative proportion of white blood cells called T-regulatory cells (Tregs) in a rodent model of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Tregs play a vital role in maintaining a balanced immune response. The study also showed that RNS60 shifts the immune response of lymph node cells from a Th17 and Th1 type to a Th2 type, which is consistent with a disease-modifying activity in this model.

Cumulatively, these data show that RNS60 has the potential to act as a novel immunomodulatory agent both within the central nervous system and in the periphery. These findings are particularly relevant to the potential future treatment of MS and other neuroinflammatory diseases including Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

About RNS60
Revalesio has pioneered the use of RNS60 as a therapeutic that alters whole cell conductance through effects on voltage-gated ion channels and other voltage-sensing proteins, thereby modulating the activity of G protein-coupled receptors and the secretion of cytokines, chemokines resulting in decreased inflammation and cell death. RNS60 contains charge-stabilized nanostructures (CSN) that are created by subjecting normal saline to Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille (TCP) flow. RNS60 has demonstrated a reduction in inflammatory responses that are linked to numerous diseases, including neurodegenerative, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

About Revalesio Corporation
Revalesio is a pioneering clinical stage biomedical company dedicated to restoring hope and transforming lives. Founded in 2000 and based in Tacoma, Washington, Revalesio has partnered with leaders in biomedical research around the world to develop RNS60. Revalesio has an extensive patent portfolio on a novel class of anti-inflammatory products and is advancing the use of CSN in neuro-inflammatory, respiratory, cardiovascular and other inflammatory diseases. For more information about Revalesio, visit

Press Contact:
Bill Perkins